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so, we need an awesome topic to type about....anyone????
is anyone interested in green day? basketball? stuff in general??
pick something so we can post, eh????
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Hey I like basketball, whos your fav team?
i'm more into playing then following the NBA and stuff....I watch more university ball and womens ball then i do proffessional, so i'm not a die hard fan of any of the teams, if i had to choose i'd probably say clevland or something....yeah, who's your fav????
Well call my shallow or call me a follower but I really like the lakers or even to go as far as the wizards! Cleavland is alright too! Ohhh and you said you play for a team or something...which team?
i just play for fun mostly, i was cocaptain of my highschool team, but other then that, just street ball...
yeah, do you play?
that's awesome...
i love the game, it's the greatest thing ever invented...
dewayne wade is the best and most underated rookie