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Okay, so you guys haven't checked your live journal in a while, but when you do...and comment on my comments, my journal has already deleted the pages you're commenting on. They get emailed to me, but then i don't ever reply directly from there and can't reply on here because the pages are deleted...all that babbling was basically to say "if i don't write back, i'm not being a bitch, i just don't have them on my journal anymore." make sense? good.
So what's new with everyone??? There's gotta be a lot seeing as how no one says anything in someone say something...other then me. You guys have got to have a life to talk about because you're never on here talking o you can't be a bunch of computer nerds. I'm babbling yes, because i have nothing else to say.
I went camping this weekend, anyone like camping??? I love it. There's got to be something in here by now that someone will commetn on...even if it is just to tell me to shut the hell up.
Written strickly for my amusement, and maybe yours too,
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